The Freewheelers are three artists who will temporarily leave their traces on the pavements of Plymouth, exploring the ways in which we all interact with public space. At the same time each anticipates and welcomes the public's participation in their artwork. Through the use of pitch marking paint, Sue Austin will be creating a looping meandering set of wheelchair tracks on her journey through the City from RWY to RLB, to make visible the freedom and expansion she experiences when in her 'power'chair; Jack Morris is marking a line through walking which encircles the city, and passes through both of the degree show galleries, outlining a face which is found in the coast line (one of the 'faces' of Plymouth) using the same pitch marking paint; and Shirley will be inviting walkers to walk the plaited grass spiral that she is creating on the grid pavement in Frankfort Gate - bringing the countryside into the City. Each work keeping their uniqueness but also transcending their differences when brought together in a collaborative public art form.